The benefits of virtual working

To Business owners,

The world has seen a significant change and shift in everything we do. No one has escaped the frightening and uncertain times during the pandemic of Covid-19.  What struck me during this time is how quickly and efficiently those that could work from home adapted to the new way of working and just got on with it.

Will we see a shift in how we work globally? Food for thought!

Although we would never wish to see face to face interaction totally disappear from the business world, from a working point of view there are many benefits to be had from virtual working for the business and the employee.

Here at Alkira we have worked virtually with clients for over 12 years and for those that really get it, see the benefits and embrace it, never look back.

Ask yourself do your team have to be in your office? If no, do you actually need an office?

There are important questions to be asking yourself as a business owner after such a major global shift in the way you could work going forward.

From personal experience, and having worked in the corporate world for many years prior to starting my own business.  I know the benefits first hand and believe me there are many!

Obviously, it would not suit or be possible for every business type but there are many businesses that could really benefit from embracing this new way of working.

The cost savings could be vast!  Ask yourself, how much money could you save if you had a virtual working team?

Time – you can’t get it back!!! Use it wisely.

Would your team be happier not having to travel to and from the office? After all, travel time is normally wasted time.

Do all your meetings have to be face to face?

Fact – you gain more time in your day by working virtually. Including no unnecessary interruptions that occur frequently in busy offices. Giving you the head space to work efficiently and effectively.  

Happy employees = employees that are invested and committed to the business cause.

Work life balance is invaluable and this way of working gives both you and your team this opportunity.

Lots to think about and assess if it’s right for you and your business, but it is worth spending the time in doing so.  You may see this as your brighter, more efficient future and a positive from a negative situation that literally stopped the world from going to work.

If you’d like to chat about how Alkira has successfully worked virtually with our clients, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Remember the virtual road could be the best route forward.

Good luck and best wishes for the future.

Rebecca Holloway